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Language training at LINCO is a very special experience

You stay with us for a whole week and you do everything in Dutch, the concept of “complete immersion”. Your language trainers will be with you all day.

During the week you will have group and private lessons every day. During the group lessons you can focus on your interaction, in the private lessons we can go deeper into your personal needs.

Before you come to our center, we will schedule an intake (approximately 30 minutes). The intake can be done by phone or digitally, for example via Zoom. During the intake we will analyze your level and discuss your needs. Needs such as: do you want to be able to express yourself more easily in meetings? Do you have to give presentations in Dutch and do you want to train that? Do you want to prepare for a job interview or do you want to negotiate better? We will cover these topics in the private lessons.

At LINCO we strongly believe in the power of group collaboration. Group lessons form therefore an integral part of the programme. We guarantee that the groups are small and homogeneous. Small so that everyone is involved, homogeneous so that there are enough interesting work items to cover together.

We conclude the week with an evaluation in which we analyze your progress and work points. You receive a report stating your level (according to the European Reference Framework) and the communicative and grammatical objectives dealt with.

Our language trainers

Obviously, all our language trainers are highly educated native speakers and trained to work with you in the same communicative manner. On top of that, all our trainers are dynamic, creative, committed and will do everything to ensure that your week is a great success.

The team of trainers is led by Lisette Huibers, a Dutch lady. She has more than 10 years’ experience at one of the best language institutes in Europe and has already helped many professionals from all over the world and from all kinds of sectors to learn, improve and perfect their Dutch.

Lisette Huibers